Rotary does not rotate 180 degrees when engraving 2 sided tumbler

Help, my 4 wheel rotary will not rotate 180 degrees for 2 sided engraving on a tumbler. I’ve watched you tube videos and divided the engrave area into 4 squares placing the artwork on the correct location per the video and the engrave marks about a 3rd of the way around the tumbler. My rotation steps are perfect. What might I be doing wrong? I have an 80w OMTech laser and a 4 wheel rotary.

Do you get any kind of error message from the Ruida?

What is your start from and job origin values?


If that’s the case, then …

Perhaps the tumblers slip because the speed / acceleration settings are too high?

Jack thanks for getting back to me. Sorry it took so long to reply, been gone for two weeks for my daughters wedding.
My start position is in upper right corner and I’m using current position.