Rotary equipment engraving on cylinder problem

I have bought sculpfun s10 with rotating equipment to engrave on cylinder surface. It seems to do the job on flat surface and cylinder until you come across “cross-hatch” engraving and 2 passes or more on cylinder, because then something happens and your 2 engravings are not aligned and the piece is ruined.
Have anyone encountered this and can help fix it?

Always like to preface with “I’m relatively new to this”
I don’t think cross hatch is compatible with rotary. I believe you need to scan parallel to the axis. Please report back let us know what you figure out.

You are alone thinking this, others think the same but for me it makes less sense because y axis rotary and y axis machine is the same speed and performance. I heard something about setting something up, need to check more. Currently chatting with sculpfun to figure this

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As already mentioned at Facebook, @Albroswift is right in my opinion (most people told you so, so he is not alone thinking this. It’s the other way around). You should NOT use cross hatch with the rotary. And NO, you can’t compare the y-axis to the rotary axis. You need entirely different settings here. Rotating an object (which moves by itself then) is fundamentally different from scanning on top of a non-moving surface. So, I suggest trying speeds at around 20-50% of the normal y-axis speeds.

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I would think order of magnitude different, but really I know nothing about Sculpfins…

Makes sense, except the things on rotaries have a tendency to ‘slip’ since it isn’t ‘bolted’ to the machine like the Y axes you are used to.

I’ve run a bunch of these on my co2 and I can’t consistently do any kind of vector cuts without substantially reducing the acceleration of the Y axes. The smaller the design, the more likely you can’t get that axes up to speed.

You didn’t mention what kind of rotary, but I’d guess a wheel type. I have a PiBurn and I generally scan along the X axes and move the Y axes by the dpi, eliminating acceleration problems.

These are a couple of early mugs…

You can see where the mug has slipped, this is @ 10mm/s^2 acceleration on Y… When I load the rotary all of the Y acceleration values are in the single digits… along with the jump off speed.

This was a ‘scanned’ image…

Good luck


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