Rotary fill fuzzy and ghosting

I have an 80w rudia machine with rotary. I followed some videos on setup and adjusted the steps/rotation so I got the image scaled correctly. However, when I use Fill and more specifically bi-directional engraving I get a nasty ghosted image. Disabling bi-directional is better but still has some strange fuzziness. On normal engraving (without Rotary enabled) I correct the scan offset for a couple of speeds and this cleaned things up nicely.

This picture, if it comes through shows the same image with Fill (bi-directional), Line, Fill (single pass)
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Is that a chuck or roller rotary? Looking at the lines on the rectangles and the ‘e’ in laser it looks like your tumbler is moving while being engraved. Does it also do this with flat work, or just the rotary?

The bidirectional difference can be fixed with the scanning offset adjustment table, but I’d check all your motion components first (belts, couplings, pinion gears, bearings, etc) to make sure there isn’t any movement that shouldn’t be there.

It is a roller rotary, and we don’t have a hold down wheel like I’ve seen in others. Been using a weight in the tube itself. Any recommendations on ways to hold it down?

Also, why would the scanning offset be different when using the rotary? I’m just curious why I have not seen this issue with regular flat engraving. (well, once I set the offset for my speeds)

Thanks very much for this, will see what i can do about fixing the tube on the roller.

If the laser is moving quickly back & forth, and the rotary or the item is relatively light, it’s possible machine movement is also causing the item to slip.

Ok, I do have some very heavy stainless tubes I can try with Cermark. Those should not be slipping too much.

Thanks again.

By the look of your Line sample (vector engraving), I am just about sure this is all a result of instability in your rotary. The object is moving or the rollers are slipping on the object (or both). I recommend a chuck rotary. They have their challenges as well, but they’re easy to overcome with jigs.

Thanks, and I agree. I have to check, but the speed may be too high exacerbating the problem. Will pursue this a bit further. Thanks again.

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