Rotary help for Trocen

I’m new to Lightburn. I cannot find the rotary option in the software please help. It is stretching my images on my trial cups. I know I need to adjust the steps but can’t find where to do that.

Trocen controllers do not have the ability to set the rotary parameters from software - even their own LaserCAD will not do this. You have to go through the menu on the controller to set the rotary values.

Yeah aren’t Trocen controllers FUN ! My ad said Rudia when I bought it!

Well that’s not the information I wanted to hear lol. Thank you for that. Learn something new everyday.

I’ve pushed Trocen to update their firmware to allow this. They’ve relented on origin modes, so future firmware allows me to set that at least, but no Z control, and no rotary settings from software so far.

I had RUIDA 6445G and changed to AWC 708C, just because of rotary. On AWC, I can easily connect the rotary to the U axis. It takes a few clicks to turn on the rotary from the panel, but that’s no problem. Once set, the rotary works without problems with any object of any diameter.

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