Rotary help please!

I am having problems with my rotary. It will work for a time period and then it will stop. You can see in the picture where the rotary stops. When it did this, I pushed the up and down button on the Ruida controller. The rotary would turn, make odd noises, etc.
At times, when I pushed the up arrow button the rotary would turn one direction, then when I pushed the down button it would turn in the SAME direction as the up arrow. What would cause the up arrow to move it the same direction as the down arrow?
I have messed up 3 bottles trying to figure it out. Thoughts?

Post specific information about your laser system, operating system, rotary type/information and software version so that Oz can better help you when he finds this thread. You ought to go in to your profile and post this same information to your profile in case you need help in the future. If you can post a copy of the Lightburn file, that probably would help him help you faster.

If pushing two different directions makes it move the same way, look for loose wires, either to the motor controller, or in the rotary plug. It sounds like your stepper was skipping, but if it wasn’t stalling loose wiring would be the next thing to check.

I have taken it all apart and looked for loose wires. I can’t find any.
I would like to replace the wire. Where do I find such a thing?

Also I have a video of it if you would be able to look. You can hear the odd noises in it. I just can’t post it in here.