Rotary : Initial Settings Review


I have a 50W Preenex cutter with the RDC6442G-B (EC) controller.

I am getting ready to try this out tonight and wanted to run this by you and make sure I am on the right page.

The motor controller boxes are: DM545A and from the dip switches, it’s set to 2000 Pulses/Rev

The rotary attachment I have is the black framed ‘hot dog type’ with the three knurled rollers. The rollers are 25mm in dia.

I am not sure if the steps on this motor are the same as what is in the cutter. Are they normally?

So from my understanding, the only things I will have to actually do (aside from changing the connection i the cutter to use the rotary attachment) would be to set the Rotary setting as I have in the screen shot.LightBurn-Rotary

Does this sound right?
I feel like there is some math I have to do for the conversion of the gear ratio on the rotary and motor.

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