Rotary is compressing images and text

I have the xtool d1 and i just started playing with the rotary attachment yesterday. Everything was going fine as far as test engraves. I took a break and when i came back to it, all the images and text are being compressed to half the size. I have no idea how that happened. So if i have the width set to 3.5in it will engrave 1.75in. Only when the rotary is enabled though, when I turn the rotary tool off, it frames out the correct sizes. I went through the user manual and made sure the rotary settings are exactly what they want, and I’m just at a complete standstill now. I’m also super new to lasers, so please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Take a screen shot of the rotery settings and the device settings and post em.

so the object diameter is the only thing thats different from the picture because the tumbler has an 11in circumference so i made sure to input that. i couldnt take a screenshot while in lightburn, but this is off of xtools manual for lightburn

‘Enable Rotary’ should be on maybe.

Also note that there are new settings. After they released the ra2 pro they released a firmware update as well. This changes the roller settings to 32 and the chuck to 128. Make sure you have the rotery enabled and z axis enable

haha it is!

oh interesting, im going to try that right now. thank you!

you are an absolute life saver! that is exactly what the problem was. Man i wish i could take you out for a beer right now! thank you so much!!

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