Rotary is miles out

Hi just setting a rotary Chuck type up
I have a red sale clone Ruiada comtroler
Circle is positioned at 334 x 300 in lightburn
Set to frame and rotary runs to 293 x 9863 on controler but shows 334 x 300 on screen

The Y axis position is just because the Y axis can’t be homed when running the rotary. The controller has no idea where it actually is. Run in ‘Current Position’ mode when using the rotary. As long as it frames the correct size, you can ignore the numbers on the display.

Thanks Oz
The rotary will run numerus rotations to 9863 when i set to frame the job
but when i use the move to position its correct.
when i use the "set Laser Position " by mouse it moves to the correct position.
when i hit run or Frame job it does multiple rotations and moves to293 x 9863 not 334 x 300 where the image is.
I am confused ?

What is your “start from” mode set to when you do this?


Current position start point
origin was middle right

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