Rotary Issues with design sizing being off

Hi! Up until yesterday I could engrave my designs perfectly. Same cups. Same settings. I have the 4 wheel rotary.

Then as of yesterday, all of my designs are coming out squished horizontally. I did a one inch square and it comes out .83" x 1"
I am running a Mac Big Sur , ruida controller 80w omtech

I have -
restarted my computer
purged all files
uninstalled and reinstalled light burn (upgrading from 9.20 to 9.21. 9.24 gives me major issues)
redid my steps and started as if from scratch.

I don’t know what to do next to fix this issue. Please help!

I am having a similar issue. I hav checked all the steps too. It seems to only do it to me with things that are round but my problem is that it does it one time then comes out perfect the next so I never know. :frowning:

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