Rotary/Laser running slow

I am currently engraving coated tumblers on the rotary. My estimated time is ~15 minutes but the actual time is over 45 minutes. I have tried increasing the speed but there is no change. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

goto device settings, additional settings tab and press read from controller


This will give you a better time estimate in preview, as it is now using your controller settings for the calculations.

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Thank you for your response. I did try that. The numbers are consistent and change with my entry. The only work around I found is that I use the Y-axis instead of the Z-axis for close to accurate speed. Now the problem is “mirror image”. It works for 1-2 burns then decides that it doesn’t want to.

I had the same problem with mirror image - either turn the wire to the stepper motor 180 degrees or swap the direction pin in machine settings, then there is no need for mirroring.

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