Rotary Mirror States Not Loading, V1.1

Hello. I use mirrored output on my rotary tool. When I load up a lightburn file with the settings, the engraving will not come out mirrored unless I go into the new rotary menu and toggle rotary and mirror off and and the on again. Desired behavior is that the mirrored settings apply right away when loading the file. I have ruined a few items now because the settings say mirror is on but doesn’t actually mirror on the output even though it shows (mirror output) in the laser state.

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Why? Is there some reason you need to flip your work? I do it when I engrave on the back of mirrors/acrylic, but never had a reason to with a rotary unless it isn’t configured right software and hardware.

My PiBurn did that with the stock connections. So I ran it backwards temporarily by reversing the rotary in the machine.

The real fix for my two phase motor, was swapping the A and B ‘phases’.

Swap the phases of the motor and reversed how the rotary sits in the machine. Squared everything up.

I think you just have a motor running in the wrong direction causing the mirror.

If it’s setup correctly, it should view as it lases. This is what most people want so they don’t have the problems you describe.

When they are setup right the operator ‘adjustments’ are generally in a better position.

Good luck


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