Rotary movement prior to start

I recently updated my lightburn and now the rotary is doing something different. I have a roller rotary. I set up my item and check the fit with the framing option. When I have everything lined up and press start, the rotary rolls about a centimeters to the right and starts outside of where I checked alignment. How do I get it to stop moving after I have aligned everything.

Edit: It appears that the framing feature is also smaller than the actual image. I Can measure it out at 80mm, but it will only frame out to about 50mm, but it will burn that image in at 80mm


I’d check that when you press the test button, the driving wheel or roller rotates one complete turn and back. If this doesn’t work, that needs to be corrected before anything else will matter.

I can generally answer some of this, not having a K40 or a Cohesion board I don’t know what controls are available in Lightburn.

I set start from to user origin and I have to press that button on my console, you might be able to set your user origin via software on grbl, probably in the move window.

It’s also possible if you have an offset for your led pointer…

You can give us more details about how your output is set up.


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