Rotary not working through Lightburn but ok with RDworks

All connected up ok as runs with RD works fine.

Connected to Y axis, when I use the manual Y axis buttons on controller the rotary rotates ok, and the engraving works fine in RD

When I click test in LB, instead of the Y axis rotating the X axis moves about 40mm left. no matter what I change, it will not rotate the Y axis. I have been told that my controller is not compatible with LB, but it works perfectly with LB on flat bed stuff. My controller is RDC320. Is an older one and the company I bought the laser from said it will only work with laserworksv5, which is more basic than my 40 year old sinclair lol

Just wanted to check if this is a known issue before I spend ££ on a new controller

Did a quick search here and found the following:

The support provided is limited and the requests for supporting using some magic remains low. Based on that, it is unlikely we will invest the additional effort required to develop a magic solution for this control model.

You can create a feature addition on our Suggestion Site and see if this interest changes over time. We use this to help prioritize our work. :slight_smile:

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