Rotary not working with Aeon Nova 14 with light burn

I have an Aeon Nova14 and we purchased a 3 jaw chuck rotary with it. Light burn will not let it turn when the settings for rotary are on. If I turn them off it will work but the radius calculations are all off. It is a Ruida controller.
I have had the tech in to take a look at this problem and we changed the software version to see if it would work and nothing. Hoping someone out there has an idea that might work.

This looks like really good news.

With the Rotary tool plugged in, and your Aeon Nova 14 connected to LightBurn, test the Y-Axis jog arrows in LightBurn, or the Y-Axis jog controls (HMI) on the engraver.

From the Manual, this appears to have a Ruida controller.

If the rotary moves under Y-Axis commands, you can select Y-Axis in the Rotary Setup in LightBurn and calibrate your rotary according to our documentation.

The problem with that is I have to click on enable rotary. As soon as I do this the rotary will not turn with jog. It locks up and I have to restart the machine with the rotary disconnected.

When you do this…

Which axis is selected in the lower left corner of the Rotary Setup window?

Is restarting the Ruida controller related to the final note in the Rotary Setup docs?

It is set on Y-axis for the rotary. I only restart the machine when it locks up. It is not part of the Rotary set up documents.
I only have a preliminary Operators manual for this machine. I had to blindly use it for almost a year before I got any manual. To make the rotary turn I have to switch some dip switches in the side of the machine. I feel like there is a software problem between light burn and Ruida controller. As soon as I turn on Enable in the light burn software and try to jog it freezes up. The only way I have got it to work is by wrapping what I want to laser with paper and then Printing like I would wen flat. Running the laser at low power just enough to mark the paper then unwrap measure the difference and then shrink or enlarge the print in that direction to print properly.

You may need to adjust the steps per rotation value in the Rotary Setup, then power cycle your controller in order to adjust the internal logic for rotary control. The steps per rotation value is correct when clicking the “Test” button in the rotary setup window causes your rotary to make one complete rotation before returning to its starting position.

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