Rotary only works when not enabled

Why is it that my rotary will not run unless I DISABLE the rotary? I have tried with the rotary enabled and when I send the file, the laser head just sits there. But when I disable the rotary, it works just fine?

Me too. As long as it works, why worry about it?

true, but do you know how long it took me to figure that out and how much frustration I went though?! ugh!

I needed about 3 hours in a 97 degree garage, myself. For once, I read the directions and followed them directions. Ultimately, after messing around with all the available combinations of wiring harness adaptors and pin arrangements, I unhooked the YRR and put it back in the box. Started fresh - took it out of the box and installed it as I would have w/o reading the instructions. Instant success.

So, yeah. I understand.

It’s possible that we’re looking at a problem with the switch behavior.
If you’re willing to share lbprefs files from when the Rotary is not enabled (falsely) I may be able to see if the switch is misbehaving or if something even weirder has happened.

Do you power-cycle the Ruida controller from On to Off and back to On - to get the rotary-enable setting to ‘take’? It’s almost a foot-note in the docs but I was cautioned about it.

Which axis do you assign the rotary device to?

I’m glad you’ve got it working. If you’re willing to share, I’d be interested in seeing an lbprefs file. Hopefully I can see it.

I am not sure what you mean by power-cycle the Ruida. Do you mean to turn the machine off then back on again?

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The 6445 ruida controller runs the rotary on either the y or u axis depending on the firmware of the controller. What axis are you plugging the rotary into? What firmware version is your controller?

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I run the rotary on the Y axis. Not sure of the firmware, I believe 6445, I believe it’s S

If you have the 5445s,

V26.01.13 Rotary runs on the U axis
V26.01.16 Rotary runs on the Y axis

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