Rotary problem after version update

I just installed the version update (80watt red/black unit) and now my rotary spins without reason when I do a frame test. The laser moves - then the rotary stops and does the frame test, then spins for another minute. Can I uninstall the latest version if that’s the cause?

It seems like the Y axis is trying to home however I have that setting off.

Are you in absolute coords, by chance?

user. It only happens when I run a frame test. I’m running a cup and it works fine

Well after I ran a cup it works fine. Both frame tests seem to work on every file I’ve opened.

User origin could do that initial spin if the machine hadn’t homed, as the X & Y axis start out at 10000 on the Ruida if they aren’t homed. The machine will remember the last user origin if you didn’t set it again, and it would be in the normal axis range of the machine.

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