Rotary Question

So I recently upgraded my K40 to Cohesion3D with Lightburn and I just love it. I also just purchased a HM V2 rotary and got that working this past weekend. That said, since my Cohesion board is an older (batch 3) version, I had to modify my config file to add the A axis. With that in mind, I have a couple of questions…

  1. I’m not clear on the relationship between the “delta_steps_per_mm” in the C3D config and the roller diameter (in the rotary setup). I was able to futz with the numbers to get an accurate engrave, but I’m wondering if anyone can better explain how that works?

  2. I notice that when I’m using my rotary, before the laser starts engraving my image, it engraves this small loop that is attached to my image. Happens every time I use the rotary regardless of what I’m engraving. See image below. This is not an artifact in the image…it just appears on its own. Any idea why?

The “delta_steps_per_mm” is actually steps per degree. You would tune that number first, so that sending a G0 A360 move spins the rotary exactly one full turn. (then you have to issue a G0 A0 move to return to 0, or use relative moves)

I have no idea what that loop is - do you see it in the preview?

Thanks. Is there a process for knowing how to “tune” the delta_steps_per_mm? That concept confused me a bit.

I’m not sure if the artifacts that I’m seeing show up in the preview. I will check and report back. I also have had one random instance where the laser didn’t turn off between letters in a word. I engraved the initials LJB and the J & L are connected by a small line…not sure why.

I see from another post on Facebook that 26.666 is the best setting for the delta_steps_per_mm.