Rotary Roller Skips!

We are having the biggest issue with our laser missing or skipping the first part of our image on our cups. I’ve included pictures of all our settings and what the laser is actually doing. It’s ALWAYS the very first line, it never misses anywhere else and the image is clean.

It’s not just this design but a few test runs that it has done this way. It did it before we added the modifications (shown below) to the rotary to help stabilize it and it STILL does it after.

We have already tried checking to insure that were lightburn “thinks” the laser is and where the laser actually is.

I’m curious if the same issue exists if you vector cut the text. I have test cups too (thanks to the trial and error of trying things out). So don’t throw the cups out. Keep them
For testing.

We have not tried to cut it, but now I am curious as well.

Is there any backlash in the rotary wheel’s, belts etc…? Have you tried at a slower speed? I’m not sure what speed your rotary is capable of but seems 300 mm/s is pretty fast for a rotary I’d probably be down around 50-75 on my diy rotary but it’s not nearly as nice as what you have.

All of our belts are new and fitted, (we checked), our rotary is also new and seems to be working perfectly. Our next attempted will be at a lower speed.

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