Rotary Set up Help

I’m having trouble setting up my rotary tool. I’m not sure what I need to change.

It appears to be ‘slipping’ in the rotary.

How are you engraving?

You are holding the cup 90 deg from how you engraved it on the rotary. The question is which way is the major engraving going.

Setup so the cup moves the minimum for each step. In this case the Y axis only moves ‘lpi’ amount for each ‘line’ scanned.

If you are rotating the cup to quickly it can loose it’s grip and slip.

Generally you have to slow the rotary axis down on most of it’s settings. Is this not explained in the documentation from the manufacturer?


I will add, that your rotary device needs to literally be rotated/turned around 180 degrees. This is why your “Chris” came out inverted.

And yes, I too just learned this about an hour ago.

I swapped the fields on the driver motor or it sat in my machine backwards…


is there anyone that can login to my computer and help e serup rotor, i have a ortur laser master2 pro s2. and i am using lightburn the latest ver. thank you bob smith 304-620-5800

Bob, I strong advise you to remove your phone number and email address from the post as those can be picked up by nefarious groups.

I’d generally advise against getting random people to login to your computer as well. Is there a specific issue you’re having that you need help in setting up? Either way you’ll need to learn this because there’s a process in disabling the rotary.

Have you seen Lousiana Hobby Guy’s vide on this? He has a slightly different Ortur model but it should work virtually the same way.

Ortur Laser YRR Rotary Setup The Only COMPLETE guide! - YouTube

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