Rotary setup and general understanding

Hi everyone, new here!

I installed LB on my 150w rose graphix/thunder laser machine with ruida controller.

My design/aspect ratio is a bit skewed, but in the ballpark. The laser is turning the cup around almost 180 deg (spinning) to start the design, marking the area (or approximate area) that the design would be in, and then flipping back around to “home”.

I’m looking for whatever setting I need to use to fix this, as it makes lining up a cup with a logo almost impossible and much harder than it should be.

I have start from “Current position” checked.

Please help :slightly_smiling_face:


You will find that if you use “user origin” then select your job origin you will have better control over you rotary. I also move the “y” location with the control panel to around 150 deg before I set the user origin at the control panel. This allows for you to adjust height of your engraving without spinning as much. After this has been completed, use your frame control you will see exactly the placement on you item.


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Thanks David.

I now noticed why its doing what it is…the green origin dot is quite a bit above the graphic. If I select the graphic and try and move the origin I would expect it to move to the position I’m selecting…ie lower left corner moves the green dot there…but middle left (which I would expect it to move origin. to left of logo centered) if moves the green dot much further above the design. I’ve tried selecting the entire area to make sure there isnt a stray node somewhere but no luck

I can post some screenshots when I get back to the office tonight if it helps.

Thank you for taking time to answer me.


It’s possible you have an empty object in your design, which happens sometimes with imports (still trying to get rid of all the places that can cause this). If you do a drag-box selection around the origin (the red square in one corner of the design area) and it snags something, delete it, and that will likely help.

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