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I have a chinese laser HT-690 (Haotian Laser) Laser has a 3 pin rotary plug (Chuck Rotary) and a switch on the machine to turn it on. Rotary spins on the Y-axis but only when “enable rotary” is unchecked in Lightburn.
Once I “Enable Rotary” in Lightburn the laser doesn’t move or fire when I send the job.
If I send the job with “Enable Rotary” unchecked - the image engraves but streched. Any revisions made to the steps per rotation don’t change the image stretch. I’ve read that without the rotary being enabled in Lightburn any changes to the steps won’t make a difference.
I have a Ruida 6445 Controller.
Any ideas?

Black switch to the left of the rotary input turns the rotary on

Lots of people here have rotaries.

Rotary setup and running help

Gives you a start. My guess is you have never had this operating. It might behoove you to check with the manufacturer. You can also search this forum for many threads related to rotary.


Thanks, I went back and forth with the manufacturer last night and he suggested I use RD works so I’ll give that a try tonight to rule out a communication issue with Lightburn. I’ve read through a bunch of threads but I’ll check your link out as well to see if there are some I missed.

I’d bet you now it’s not configured properly. 99.99% of these issues are configuration.
It’s nice you have a Windows machine to run RDWorks. Wouldn’t be a bad idea if they can get you up on RDWorks then you should be able to just slide over to Lightburn.

Good luck.


Check this post out. I’m about to install a 6445 so I kept it bookmarked just incase.

In addition to what micrololin has posted, the ruida 6445 runs all the rotary commands on the U axis. It sounds like yours is set up as mine was from the factory. I had to add an additional stepper driver on the U axis and rewire the laser to drive the rotary on that axis. Check to see how many stepper drivers you have. A photo of the electronics bay would be telling.

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