Rotary setup error message

i am trying to setup my rotary device using my machines manual. the manual asks me to open rd works which i dont have. do i need to have rd works to set up my rotary? im kind of lost right now. when i click test, it reads setting could not be restored to controller after test run. any help setting up my rotary would be great. it is a roller.

You don’t need RDWorks to do it. The RDWorks settings are ‘Circle pulse’ and ‘Diameter’. For you, in the rotary setup window, those are called ‘Steps per rotation’ and ‘Roller Diameter’. Everything else is the same.

I’ve just looked, and that message you’re getting is backwards. It’s displaying the error message when changing the settings worked properly, instead of the other way around, so don’t sweat the ‘error’ - it’s wrong, and I’ve just fixed that.

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