Rotary Setup in Y axiz

I have a new SFX 50w co2 and it is not east to switch the Y back and forth.
I purchased a 4 pronge toggle switch and wired both so now all I have to do is home Y to center of the rotary plug the rotary in, flip the switch to rotary and away I go. Lightburn is much better in handling the out put to the laser compared to using Corel and RDworks for my system.

Please tell me you are not hot-switching (power on) the Rotary and Yaxis. No controller board is designed for this as far as I know.

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Hey Mike

NO HOT SWITCHING just needed an easy way to switch to rotary and back.

I didn’t like switching wires at the Y, getting old and the location is not that easy.

Thanks for the concern


Whew! Okay, I have the same concern, but for the motor Y connector wear and tear as well.

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