Rotary Setup K40 GRBL LPC

Hi Oz

Having trouble setting up the Rotary Roller as per the instructions on the lightburn Manual, using the A axis as per the instructions for GRBL does not generate any movement on the Y axis on the laser. Using the Y axis which would seem more appropriate it seems to work but not getting the right sixes on a simple 20 by 10 by 10 box its coming out more like a 10 by 20 box.

Are these instructions still correct or have they been superseded by something else please as Im getting a little frustrated and do not understand why it tells me to use the A axis when I do not seem to have one.

First time I have used the Rotary and I have entered all the other details correctly based on the wheel size bottle size etc.

any pointers please??

Many thanks

K40 using HM Roller Rotary, GRBL LPC, Win 10

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