Rotary Setup Menu Missing?


I had a redsail x900 80w co2 laser. Fairly new at all this.

It has a topwisdom controller.

Im trying to setup the rotary attachment that came with the laser it is a chuck rotary. I am able to adjust some settings in the machine setting menu but the image comes out stretched when engraving. I have enabled the rotary on main window but it doesnt show up on the main menu.

Any ideas?

TopWisdom’s rotary settings are different enough that I haven’t figured out how to integrate them cleanly into the existing rotary dialog, so it’s not displayed yet for those machines. The machine settings expose all the rotary controls that are available, so that’s where you’ll need to enter them for now.

If the image is stretched when run, make sure you have enabled the rotary in the machine settings window, and you may need to adjust the reference diameter, reference resolution, or rotary diameter.

I have tried to adjust those settings but then half of my image gets cut off. Do you know where i find the measuremrnts for the reference diameter, reference resolution and rotary diameter? Or what each settings represents? There are no help videos for this and i havent been able to find the question answered in any of the forum questions

I’ve found a couple YouTube videos that describe the setup, like this one, but I haven’t done this yet myself.

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Thank you i also watched that video but for some reason i couldnt choose my origin so it wouldnt engrave in the right spot no matter what setting i selected also why i use lightburn vs autolaser. I think i have figured out the settings in lightburn. Or atleast as close as i can get to it