Rotary setup no icon

how do i get rotary icon as not in laser tools or anywhere else

I’m not sure if I follow the question. Are you asking how to get to rotary setup?

And if so, you’re saying it’s not showing under Laser Tools menu? That’s where it should be.

You should be able to get Toolbar icon for Rotary setup if you enable Window->Modes.

Can you take a screenshot of your Laser Tools menu?

If you have a Trocen controller, the only way to set up the rotary options is through the menus on the controller itself. This is true of the stock software as well (LaserCAD). Their controller doesn’t provide the option to change those settings from software.

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here is screen shots

screen shot 2.lbrn2 (165.1 KB)
screen shot.lbrn2 (167.1 KB)

@LightBurn answered this in the other Topic. Apparently Trocen rotary setup cannot be managed outside the controller so that option is unavailable.

So you must do the rotary setup on the control panel itself.