Rotary Setup, Possibility to change Direction (Ruida, Windows 10)

I would like to change Direction (y-axis) with Rotary Setup?
For now I have to change Direction in Machine Setup, Y-Axis.

Which version of LightBurn are you running? This is a recent addition:


I know this option from 0.9.21.
I’m on 0.9.24.
I think is was working on my former Windows 7 installation.
But now on Windows 10 it dont work.
It’s mirrored the Preview, but I need changed Direction.

I don’t understand what you mean by “change direction” - do you just mean run the job from top to bottom instead of bottom to top? For that, you could change the scan angle in the fill layers to 180 degrees.

I mean the reverse direction of rotation the y-axis.
I need the rotation motor on the left side.
I can’t rotate the unit to 180 degrees, because of needed free right side.

That’s exactly what the “mirror rotary output” option is supposed to do. Have you tried running it?

Yes, I have tried it.
For me, it’s better to see it in the right rotation and where the start point is.
So, I change the direction in the settings of the axis.

If it is a three wire rotary Just swap any two wires connection points, on the rotary machine, either at the motor or connector on the rotary, That will correct the rotation direction at the rotary and match it to your normal Y axis direction.
If it is a four wire, it can be done but I am not sure how, Youtube and google search are your friend in that case

I know about the stepper wire connection.
It’s easier and faster to swich the direction in the settings.
So, it’s no problem to turn the rotation unit at 180 degrees.

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