Rotary Setup Problem

We have a new rotary device we are testing on the K40 and are having some problems setting it up perfectly.

For example we have placed a jar horizontally along the axis of the rotary and drawn a red line along this as a starting point.

The print is just a fine rectangle to go all the way around the jar as a test

When we press start the jar goes around 360 degrees and joins the red line exactly again, it then stops and starts again to go back and when it gets back to the starting point it seems to stop 2mm short of the original start point. Its almost as if its missing a couple of steps.

This is a K40 although its enlarged and works perfectly , it will do a perfect 400 mm square and circle without any issues in normal mode.

We are just looking for some help please on this if possible. Thanks

K40 Enlarged, MKS Maker base card V 3 grbl-LPC, Lightburn V9.20 Win 10

You didn’t provide the cut layer information with cut speed. My suspicion is slipping due to acceleration, but that would show up if you do multiple ‘cuts’, each separated slightly in X. If they become progressively misaligned then it’s probably slippage.

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Thanks for the reply and sorry for the missing info. Here it is

The cut speed was 5 mms and the acceleration was at 10

I have already seen this phenomenon with my DIY rotary tool. In any case, I find the speed when rewinding is too fast. I don’t think that’s because of the software. With fast reverse, something like a “slip-stick effect” can occur because there is no fixed connection between the roller and the object. The object can slide easily on the roller when accelerating. If you only edit objects in “Fill-Mode”, this does not apply because the roller moves evenly in one direction. However, if you use a combination of “Fill + Line”, e.g. for fonts that are filled and then have a border, the result can be fatal. The result is an offset. That’s why I only use the “Fill”-mode.

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