Rotary setup - steps per rotation question

When setting up for a rotary attachment, is it right that I have to set the steps per rotation for every different diameter project I make? It requires tedious trial and error each time which I have figured out how to do, but it seems like there must be an easier way.

No. The steps per rotation is fixed - dependent on your machine/rotary.

Well that is good news. Apparently I have not found the correct setting yet. Wouldn’t it make sense that this number would be part of the specs for each brand of rotary so experimentation would be unnecessary?

get something that is 100mm in diameter, draw a 100x20mm shape in LB, home your head at 0,0, run a frame, while holding a pen over the object in the rotary. measure. There you have your ratio.

just put tape on something cylindrical - a small can, for example, then you can peel the tape and measure it easily with a ruler.

It’s just maths.

Is there no indication with your rotary what the setting is? You could always count the teeth, measure the pinion, etc., but life’s too. short :slight_smile: You may end up having to, though.

I understand the ratio. It is steps per rotation that is difficult. I believe it is between 1185 and 1250 steps per rotation. I just have to experiment more.

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