Rotary setup with C3D board

I have an OMTech K40 running a Cohesion 3D board. I got an HM Rotary (2 phase 4 wire stepper motor) but cannot figure out how to set it up. I followed some youtube videos but am still lost. Anyone have any instructions or advice.

I have a Ruida, with a PiBurn rotary…

Don’t have your equipment, but what’s the difficulty…?


The steps appear to be off. I don’t see an option to adjust them.

Good question… On my machine I have a stepper driver, which is where you set your steps/rotation.

This isn’t handled by Lightburn.

Here’s a link that is supposed to address that. I don’t know what firmware you have installed.

Good luck


Ok. That makes sense, but I am not exactly sure what I need to adjust. I have my rotary plugged into the “A” port. Looking at the coding, should I change the coding in the “A” axis to get the desired change. The link you sent me is for the X axis. Also, I was told to start by setting it the steps to 4000, but the coding is not in steps. I think it is in steps/degree - 157.5

You maybe correct, it appears steps/mm which sounds odd…

Try this link, from Cohesion3D…

Seems to be more specific… I didn’t go through it, just skimmed it…


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