Rotary slider.... Does it matter?

What does turning software the rotary slider on or off do? I have my rotary on a 3 way switch so I flip a switch to swap between my Y axis and rotary. The reason I ask is 1) curiosity, 2) I have run my rotary without turning it on and had no issue, 3) the last item I did on my rotary was a circle logo and it came out short on one side by 1/8 or 1/4 inch (cant remember which). So if I am not doing a wrap, do I need to turn the slider on?

I noticed after I turn my switch off, I have to reset my X and Y axis because the Y axis doesn’t move properly in terms of distance.

Running a Redsail X700 with Ruida 6442s.

If your rotary is properly configured, when the switch on your machine is in the non-rotary position, but the software is set to rotary, it will “think” that you have an item on your bed of a specific diameter that has been expanded/flattened/unwrapped and adjust the image accordingly. You can expect distortion if the software switch does not match the hardware switch.

Once properly configured, you should not have to adjust anything on the Y axis and never have to adjust the X.

Ruida controllers have settings internally for object diameter and motor steps per rotation. If those are set, switching the software rotary switch makes them active, meaning you don’t have to mess with the Y axis steps settings for normal machine use - you just toggle the rotary switch and you’re using the rotary settings instead.

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