Rotary speed issue when cutting

(Eamonn) #1

K40, Smoothie on C3D mini running LB 09.02

Not used my rotary for cutting for a while now but I’m having an issue when cutting squares out.

The speed is OK when X is going +ve but when its -ve it slower causing increase in burning.

Checked the G-code and every time the X speed is always slower for some reason.

Tested on circles and other shapes and its all good.

This only happens on squares.

Any ideas guys.?%20v3

File attached of basic square G-Code in picture format, forum won let me upload Gcode file…

(Eamonn) #2


Did many many more runs and when “fill” is selected it works perfectly.

Select it to cut and it cuts 3 sides at the correct speed but when doing the return cut on the square it slows down.

I have tested this on flat using X/Y and it works perfectly every time.

picture of the G.code with cut using x/y

.So I still cant it to do what it used to do…

If I can find an earlier version will drop back to that see if it does has the same issue.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.