Rotary "test" error 2

trying to setup for rotary on A axis
1.) which roller to enter dimensions of? from stepper motor belt drive pulley or what part sets on?

i have a gt2 20t 5mm pulley on motor driving belt.
i have 2 - 8mm rubber coated rods that part sets on

when i enter the inner pulley dimension from motor drive (which is 12.22) i get same result in screenshot
when i enter the outer dimension from motor drive (15.4), same error
when i enter the 8mm for roller, same error
i am testing with 2" pvc tube 60mm diameter
i have tried to use absolute, user and current for all tests.

i have system setup with negative space (g10 l2 p1 x-320 y-220)
origin is top left corner
home is bottom right

ALARM:2 is “out of bounds”. It’s probably trying to move the X axis (because the test includes a small X axis move as a pause) and that is traveling out of bounds because of how you have the job origin set up.

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