Rotary Test Not Working - Ruida RDLC-320A

Hi guys, I’m trying to setup a new to me chuck rotary in Lightburn but getting the steps/rotation is giving me a major headache. The laser and chuck are both running 3-phase steppers and everything seems to move properly as expected. My issue is when trying to use the Rotary Setup tool it continues to give me this error when trying to Test. It also seems to be hit or miss on whether it will write new values to the controller or not, so this is all making testing for a proper setup almost impossible. I have tested this in both OSX and Windows with the latest updates of Lightburn and both are showing the same problem. When I click test it will move the X-axis about 10mm to the right then fail. However, with OSX I can occasionally get it to rotate as well during the test, then it fails with the same message below. I have tried multiple cables without any luck or change.

Lightburn DSP v1.0.04(latest)
Macbook Pro 2019 - OSX Monterey & Win10
Ruida RDLC-320A over USB
50w Blue/White 300x500

Also, would anyone have a good idea of what my steps per rotation should be with a 3-phase stepper on a 80mm chuck rotary?

I checked my Y-stepper driver and it seems to be set to 2000 steps/rev based on the 3ND583 documents. When I have 2000 set in the Ruida machine settings, have the rotary attached, have rotary enabled, and move 10mm it actually moves about 30mm across the circumference of the piece(83.5mm diameter can holder). It seems like the rotary is not actually enabled as reducing the rotary steps/rev in Machine settings to 666 still gives ~30mm on a 10mm move.

So after some further research I see that Lightburn had some issues with older controllers like the Ruida 320 and the rotary functions. Based on my issues, I can only assume this has not been updated yet. With that in mind, what is the best way to handle a chuck rotary with an older Ruida controller? How should I go about changing the Y-steps or Y-scale when using the rotary? It would be nice if there was a scale value that could be set and auto-enabled when the rotary is enabled in Lightburn.

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