Rotary tool issues, need lessons

Back again, struggling mightily setting up my Atezr KR rotary tool. Ive made a couple post here, asking for assistance and recommendation but still frustrated. Now wonder if there are places to go to get hands on training or hire someone to actually walk me though the set up both with laser and lightburn ? I live in the Tampa Bay area, if any one knows of a place or someone please sent a link or email address, thanks.

Might add that im doing great at using laser on flat objects, just can’t comprehend the rotary tool.

Did you follow the manual?

Where are you in the Tampa area?

Same question, Safety Harbor.

Clearwater, Near Safety Harbor.

That’s a bit far for me, perhaps Mike can get with you.

If you understand how your table works, all a rotary does is simulate the table. All other limits/sizes still apply. The machine, for all practical purposes, thinks it’s just driving the regular table.

You configuration changes the machine or software in that axes to be modified to rotate a certain amount based on the type of rotary.

Think of the rotary as a round table… that’s what the machines thinking

Steps or degrees/rotation is critical. If the test button is working correctly – it’s configured correctly.

If the test button doesn’t work correctly – there will never be an end to adjusting things…



Thanks, if for Mike doesn’t get back to me I would be able to drive to you and bring my machine with me, not a problem at all.

Hopefully Mike will get back with you as he’s pretty close to you. I’m up in Brooksville/Weeki Wachee. If you’re willing to make that drive, I would be happy to try and help you.

Thank you, I’ll let you know, and we can set up a day and time. Much appreciated.

Bill messaged me and I am awaiting instructions from him. I thought better if i went to the machine instead. I thought it better id I went to the machine instead.