Rotary tool set up - Boss LS 1416 Gen V - Y axis won't turn

Good evening. Just started learning the LS 1416 Gen V, and am having an issue with the rotary tool. I have a decent understand of flats, but need to get going on glasses and tumblers.

I have followed instructions and videos, but can’t get the rotary tool to spin. At all.

The X axis will go back and forth, but the rotary tool doesn’t spin, and the only thing engraved is a straight line.

When I do the set up and then run a test in Rotary Setup, the X axis moves to the left, but the rotary (Y axis) doesn’t move at all.

I’m sure (or I’m hoping) it’s a simple fix oversight.

I’ve got a ticket in to Boss, but i have glasses due tomorrow (Fri, 11/4).

Thanks in advance.


Have you ever run the rotary before or is it a new addition?

Are you sure of how it’s wired ? … did it come from Boss?

Mine worked but was backwards. Mine is a PiBurn two phase…

What specifically…? A link is good…


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