Rotary Tumbler Engraving on a MOPA 80 W Fiber laser in Lightburn

So finally got my rotary for my Fiber 80W MOPA to work. I had a bad wire in my plug but rewired the one bad wire and it now rotates properly when I’m not engraving (just running test). My problem is that when I try to engrave on a tumbler, it doesn’t rotate and it cuts my design in one spot. It engraves over itself so I have assume that I have one or more of my settings wrong but don’t know which one. My steps are correct at 12,800 because the tests I’ve run are perfect. It just doesn’t move properly when I try to actually cut a design. Here are photos of my settings and what it looks like when it engraves.

When you press the test button in the rotary gui, it will rotate on complete turn and back?

Have you entered the proper diameter?

My rotary is setup for 12,800 steps/rotation, so it sounds right… if it’s doing the test ok, we have to look elsewhere.


I had to rewire the plug on my machine because there was a broken wire and since I had the machine open I checked the step motor to make sure I had the correct numbers, so Yes the steps per rotation are correct. I marked the starting point and ran the test and it came back to the starting point perfectly.
I’m sure that whatever the issue is it’s in one of my Lightburn settings which is why I included all the photos of my settings and what it did when I tried to engrave the tumbler.

Got it…

Here is my 60W jpt source manual, might show something about the i/o ports. Haven’t spent any time with that yet…

I forgot yours is a Raycus, so it may not apply… don’t know.

Here is mine… the rotary is always plugged in… but not enabled in Lightburn. I notice some i/o ports differences, but don’t know how they work.

See anything…?


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