Rotary Unit Problem

Hello all,
I have no idea whether I have landed here correctly.
I have a problem with the rotary unit and just do not know what to do…
maybe you have some good advice for me.

if I laser…then it is as if the laser would stand at the beginning on the place…towards the end everything works as it should. first example a circle.
second example a writing (test) but above the writing you can only see that it is very thin
thanks for help

Hello Marcell,
Are you using the Y-axis for the rotary?
If Yes, then it is a possible that the rotary is stopped at zero of the Y-axis.
A solution can be: with the rotary, disable the homing of the Y-axis and limit switch if the rotary has one.
Best Regards,

Is it possibly losing grip at initial acceleration, thus slipping while the first few lines are engraved which causes the squished top? You should be able to confirm this visually.

If so, try decreasing acceleration.

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