Rotary up and running eeehaaa

with a bit of head scratching and face palming, I have my rotary going. for beer glasses I find that masking is necessary for nice clean engraves. cheap masking tape works fine. if you look near the “M” in company you can see the line between masked and not masked. very happy with results. this mug is for me btw. Now working on perfect power/speed. My buddies love my trials


Nice work.

But just a tip so that you may avoid masking tape limits overburns. This is for those situations that when you stick several tape stripes together and yet they are not close enough and leave a gap big enough to leave a density burn mark… Well… you can avoid this if you get paper transfer tape with the width you want at a graphic arts store… I use paper transfer tape for vinyl applications and it works like a charm (and you can go up to 1.5meter wide and 100m long)

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For some projects I use low-tack transfer tape, then use a stronger tack tape to ‘weed out’ and remove any tiny pieces of the transfer tape left. Can really speed the cleanup process.

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I am now using transfer tape, yes even a tiny little fold in the tape will cause a different burn in that area. The masking tape does work well but you have to be very careful not to have any over lapped or open areas

Love the effect on the bottle. I am working with my rotary set up. May seem a silly question and I have asked it in the general section, but how do you cope with the slant of the glass ? Incline the rotary ? Could the pattern on the bottle be brought up on to the neck as well (in one process?)
Is there any way to get the laser to control all 3 planes ?