Rotary w/ Thunder Laser Nova 24

I just finished getting my roller rotary working on my new Thunder Laser Nova 24, the first test went very well! Did have one issue after getting the settings correct as I couldn’t launch the file from within Lightburn using the “Start” button. I would see a message saying a file was being sent to the laser but nothing actually happened. If I use the “Send” function to get the file to the laser and select it from the laser control panel, it worked fine. My laser and rotary are new, the rotary has a 7 pin connection. Using the “Send” option is no big deal, just wondering is there is something obvious I should look for to use the “Start” function as I have been doing for other files. I’m new to Lightburn so maybe a user issue! Thanks.

If I wasn’t clear in my original posts the “Start” button works fine as long as I don’t have the rotary enabled.

I’m going to have to get one of these to test with. Thunder Laser uses custom / modified firmware compared to the standard Ruida firmware for this controller, so there may be things that I need to change in the comms.

I’m happy to try something for you if you think it would help. As I said, the work around is no big deal but just wondered about the difference in operation for rotary. Let me know if I can help!

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