Rotary wont run same program twice

Hello I am having a problem where my rotary will engrave a tumbler fine and when I try to run the file again with a new tumbler the file is now smashed together. I have reset the steps per rotation two times now and it still will not work. I ran 100 tumbler with the same program a month ago and no issues but now It will not work if anyone has this problem and found a solution i would love to hear.

Thanks Mike

A better diagnostic would have been go to the ‘laser tools → rotary setup’ and observe if the ‘test’ will rotate it one rotation then back.

Steps/rotation is set in the hardware, once set it can’t be changed by any software package… you have to stick your paws in there…

I don’t know what kind of rotary you have, wheeled or chuck, but once it setup it should not need to be changed. With a chuck it has to know the diameter of the object, but steps/rotation doesn’t change.

The only thing I can think of is a hardware failure but that has questionable aspects also…

if you reset it and run it again, is it ok for one run?

You can look at the hardware in two places… the motor drivers and the err indicator on the Ruida controller (doubtful). On the motor drivers, they have a red led when they get into a failure mode.

Can’t locate a picture of the motor drivers, it’s a red led same side as the connectors.

The Ruida …

Doubt they are an issue, but easy to check…


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