Rotary (Y axis) not scaling properly

My last issue ended up being nothing more than a machine setting, and nothing to do with LB, but I’m going to go ahead and call this a LB issue since RDworks is unable to reproduce it.

I am getting very confused and frustrated. For some reason, I can’t get a rotary engraving from LB to come out with the right Y axis scale. I am using the same measure, calculate, set workflow I have been using to do rotary engravings since I started doing them last month. Everything was working fine, and now it’s just stopped.
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I use this GSheet calculator and I copy/paste the calculated settings into my Ruida controller, and it has always worked just fine before. But now, I can only get the correct scale on a “line” operation, and not on a “fill” operation. The fill engravings keep coming out squished.

To verify that it is LB, I calculated and set the controller settings, and then I ran the exact same 10x10mm square once in LB, and then again in RDworks with the exact same settings. 100% power, 50mm/sec, 0.1mm interval. The RDworks square came out 10x10, but the LB came out closer to 10x7.

Again, maybe this is just some setting that I messed up, but I have already ruined one customer order because of it.

Alright, I may be an idiot… but at LEAST I’m a confused one.
I used the rotary setup in LB, hit okay, ran the square again, and got my expected 10x10 output.

I’m confused because, I have literally NEVER used the rotary setup function in LB before, and I’ve done like 25 perfect rotary jobs on different sized cups and tumblers. I’m not getting what’s different now.

Why do you have different circle pulse values shown in your table? That is a constant number, dependent on the type of stepper motor, the gear ratio between stepper and roller head, and the micro-steps setting of the motor driver. You set it once, and never change it unless your motor or microstep values change.

The only number that should change is object diameter (and then only if you have a chuck style rotary).

Everything that I have ever seen/read says that the circle pulse is a variable… I followed this video exactly, because he uses the same style machine and the same rotary axis as me. The manual that was sent with my machine says the same thing, just in Chenglish.

I use rotary like Oz writes, everything works fine. No setup changes on new designs / diameters.

If that is the correct way to do it, then that would definitely be much easier. Can somebody point me to how I would find the CORRECT permanent circle pulse / steps per rotation values? I’ve seen about 40 videos so far and everybody does it different. There doesn’t seem to be one resource that stands out at “correct”.

I looked through some of Oz’s posts here helping out others with their rotary and managed to get it figured out. Scaling works great not, and I’ll stick to using LBs built in rotary setup function.

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