Rotary - Yes another newbie looking for help/suggestions - Xcarve, Jtec laser, FTG rotary

Hello All,
Looking for help/suggestions in setting up a new rotary with an Xcarve , FTG rotary and a Jtec laser.

Hardward specs:
XCarve 1000 (2018) xcontroller with upgrade Z axis Increases gantry clearance to 4.5”
Jtect Laser 7w or 2.8w
FTG K40 Rotary - Using original Inventables stepper motor NEMA23 140OZ/IN 2.8A STEPPER (KL23H251-28-4A)
140 oz in.
Single Shaft
1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev.

Lightburn is setup already working with a laser
Easel gcode settings currently down below, as part of the upgraded steppers i had to changed stepper motor settings, so i presume i have to change the single Y1 stepper im using for the rotary back to the original setting? looking for guidance here :slight_smile: Hopefully i can use a macro in lightburn?

Original $100=40, $101=40 for the original stepper?
current settings $100=26.660 for upgraded/current stepper

Has anyone else used an xcarve with a similar setup?
thanks in advance!

All setup and working really nice…worked it all out with help from a couple of YT videos…

cross posting with invetables and Xcarve rotary setup i did.
Please add and tips/tricks…

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