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Hi team,

(existing relevant thread: Select edge for rotation)

Just wondering if there’s been any progress on a feature to align objects rotationally, or align a ‘crooked’ object back to horizontal/vertical. Not sure if anyone else uses AutoCAD or similar, but this would be similar to the ‘ALIGN’ command - being able to select source points and destination points to rotate the object.

While we’re on the subject, and straying into feature requests that should be posted somewhere else, is it possible to add an additional ‘align’ option to align objects on two opposite edges instead of the same edge. I know this can be done manually with node snapping, but this isn’t always easy with oddly shaped objects.



Nothing on the first request, no. We need to shore up a bunch of UI plumbing to handle multi-click sequencing for something like this. A simpler option I’m considering is using another key in node-edit mode to align the line under the mouse to either horizontal or vertical, whichever is closer, but that would help align two objects to each other if they were off-axis. Will need to think about how to do this.

The 2nd request I honestly don’t understand what you’re asking for. Can you illustrate?

I read over my second request and you’re right - it makes no sense at all!

Side-by-side (or above/below) aligning is what I’m after. If you’ve got two shapes near each other, it would bring them right next to each other with a single click, instead of needing to drag a node. Is that clearer?

This exists under the Arrange menu (I’ve asked the same question :)), if I’m reading your request accurately:

Yep. That’s the exact thing, and it works exactly as it should.

I’m going to try not to take any personal responsibility for missing it completely, and say ‘it should be under the align menu’ :smirk:

Thanks team!

Finding the correct way to describe that action was probably harder than coding it. :slight_smile:

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