Rotate coordinate system (view only)


I bought a 400x800 extension for my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 and changed the configs LightBurn. This went really smooth and I’m really happy with that. The only thing that borders me is that I don’t know how to rotate the view in LightBurn. Is it possible to rotate the view clockwise, so the Lightburn output matches the position of my laser on the table?



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I don’t believe there’s any way to rotate the view. What would you expect to happen to jogging controls in that case? Might make for an interesting feature request although I could see this causing some major confusion when coupled with Machine origin.

Alternatively, you could modify the hardware to swap X and Y. You’d have to make some GRBL configuration changes as well.

Hello berainlb,
thanks for your reply. As I said, I bought a extension for my ortur laser. I not 100% sure if all (ortur) extensions work the same way, but in my case the y-axis was extended to 800 mm. For the drawings it doesn’t matter, but for me it is easier placing the laser with the long axis in front of me (which means y → x).
I think all I need would be two things:

  • Rotate the view
  • Swap the coordinates (E.g. By clicking/jogging to (10,23) LightBurn sends (23,10))

This would be nice feature at least for the ortur extension people, who like to place the laser with the long side at the front.
I submit a feature request for that.
EDIT: Link to the request:

People who want this have typically done a hardware modification to switch orientation but I can see the value in handling this through software.

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