Rotate Display work area for ppl who have a larger Y for easier design creation

Can We PLEASE get a “work area rotation” button for PPL who have a Larger Work area?
Just add the option in and keep it hidden in device settings unless the workspace goes over 200% another axis maybe? Rotating designs around is kinda frustrating and buying a 49" screen to fit the design in the work area and zoom in close enough to see clearly, but THEN not even be able too because the H/V & X/Y on both screen and work area are opposite is frustrating at best lol.

All that real estate on either side and I have to drag out the area to even use it then rotate back :))

And if it’s already hidden in here somewhere, my apologies for the post but I’m not finding anything on it

Other than this, the Software is great though! Keep up the good work. I just neeeed this in my life HAHA

I would also like to see this happen

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