Rotate flat side of object to snap to 0 degrees

Hi all
Is there a way to rotate any shape so that each side will snap at 0 degrees on any of it’s flat sides? For example. If you have an extruded “square” with non-standard angles and you drag the rotate icon on one of the corners. How can I get it to snap, while rotating, to any of the flat sides at 0 degrees (horizontal)? I don’t know if I expressed myself correctly. Another example would be a triangle with 3 different angles, and with sides all different lengths. I know there are ways to do this, but it takes trial and error to get it perfectly horizontal.

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance

You want somehting similar to adjust one side to be square with machine?
Almost like you can do on a slicer for 3d printer?

If you hold SHIFT while rotating on the corner handles it will rotate 15º at a time. so that gives you some control, but i dont think you have a snap to 0º feature now

Exactly like the 3D printer Slicer Software. Yes.

I have tried all the other options. Thanks anyway.

I do not think this is built in
but seems a nice feature request if you want to add it in :slight_smile:
Would add a “case study” or work flow example while writing the feature request to make sure it get good upvotes

ctrl + shiff + . = 1.5º CW
ctrl + shift + , = 1.5º CCW
ctrl + shift + corner handles = 45º.
I think a snap to 0 exist…
edit: post below ,I couldn’t remember

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If the shape consists of vectors and nodes, you can use the Node Edit tool to snap an almost-horizontal line to 0° while rotating the entire shape:

The gotcha is that the tool will automatically select the nearest multiple of 45°, which may not be quite what you want. You can manually rotate the shape so one of the sides is almost horizontal (or vertical or whatever), then snap it perfectly.


… Not sure I’ve understood you correctly, but one of my faforit features in Edit Mode is “A - Align Select”. It snaps to 0, 45, 90 … degree, depending on what’s closest, ie, I rotate free hand roughly and press “A” with the mouse over the line I want aligned.

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interesting! didnt know about this one.
has a few requisits though
Must be a path, node editable etc. but nice!
lets go test!

I don’t know of any function while rotating, but you can activate node edit mode, then hover over the line you wish to have flat and press A key. This snaps the line to either 0, 45 or 90 degrees, whatever is closest. Here is a screenshot:

You can find the full-sized pictures at the end of this page:

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Oh, I was much too slow while typing :wink:


…here too :rofl:

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another feature that isn’t quite so obvious and may be useful in this case and especially others is the Ctrl-2 operation.
identify object to rotate
create object for reference. This can be any shape, any segment, any component with a node.
drag new object to snap to rotation point
select first object, press Control-2
prompt appears: “Select the first point - the center of rotation” - use previously created intersection/snap
“Click and drag the second point, where you will rotate from.” Consider this to be the lever/handle for rotating the initial object. It is flexible, that is, you can stretch it anywhere to snap to a reference location.
When the drag is completed, the desired rotation will be performed.


Thank you all. I’ve now learned of a few ways to do this. It seems that pressing “A” in the Node Edit Mode is the easiest, although it would have been fantastic to alternate between 0, 45 and 90 degrees each time you press “A” :wink:

…little bonus :wink:

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