Rotating 22.5 degrees?

Does anybody know of a way to rotate a polygon (or any shape) by a specific number of degrees?

I’m designing a shape for a gothic cinquefoil arch (I’m actually going to be turning this into a tutorial) - I’ve completed the steps but I need to fit an octagan into a circle, pointing upwards. When you master a polygon in LB it points left or right and the only way to correct it is to rotate it 22.5 degrees.

My workaround is to draw a polygon with the line tool as below which is fine but it takes a bit longer as you have to snap each point of the line to vertical and horizontal reference points. Anybody got any ideas on how to improve this?

  1. Select shape(s) to rotate
  2. Enter rotation degrees in rotation field in Numeric Edits Toolbar. Make sure the 9-dot is configured from the position of the shape that you want the rotation to occur

It’s literally been staring me in the face, thankyou so much Berainlb!!!


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