Rotating an image seems to screw up something

I have a basic BMP file which I imported. I forgot to rotate the image 90 degrees prior while working in Photoshop, so I simply used the rotate function in Lightburn. Once I did that things just don’t work right at all. The preview is all messed up, and when sent to the laser its not even engraving the image in the right place.

No emergency, as I just went back into photoshop…rotated the image and imported again. However there might be a bug in the lightburn function?

I tried to attach my lightburn file here… but “new” users cannot attach a file I guess. :frowning:

Do you have “pass through” enabled in the scan settings? If so, that tells LightBurn that it is not allowed to do any processing on the image at all, and rotation is considered processing for the moment. I’m going to add code to special-case 90 degree rotations since they can be done without loss, but that’s not in yet.

Yes, its a pass through. The image is b/w and 1-bit already. A 90-degree flip or rotation should not disrupt the image. But yes…I can certainly understand that anything other than that, like a 10 degree would wreak havoc on it! lol!

Thanks for letting me know. It was just something I noticed because I forgot to flip the image before I imported into lightburn. I’m so darn spoiled by all the features of Lightburn that I expect it to do everything including serve me coffee and donuts! A+ Love it!

@ebturner, the Coffee & Donuts version is planed to be released shortly after the Gluten Free version targeted for later this year. :wink:

lol!!! SWEET!

Thanks for the help guys! Have a great weekend!!!