Rotery to adjust

Hi there. I have a TopWisdom controller and a rotary. Unfortunately I don’t find the Rotery button under tools. Why is it? I am currently still using the trial version. Many thanks for your help

TopWisdom is still not officially supported by LightBurn, and many features are still missing, including rotary support. The next release will fix a number of TopWisdom issues, and I’m hoping to get rotary working for this or possibly the next release.

Wann wird die neue Version kommen? Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort

When will the new version come? Thank you for your response

LightBurn does not provide a date certain for any release as things come up along the way and we will not release until we are confident in that version. We are working hard to produce the next release which will include additional support for the TopWisdom controller. The best we can offer is “soonish”. :slight_smile:

LightBurn bietet kein bestimmtes Datum für eine Veröffentlichung an, da die Dinge auf dem Weg dahin auftauchen und wir erst veröffentlichen werden, wenn wir von dieser Version überzeugt sind. Wir arbeiten hart daran, die nächste Version zu produzieren, die zusätzliche Unterstützung für den TopWisdom-Controller enthält. Das Beste, was wir anbieten können, ist “bald”. :slight_smile:

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